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AEG Unlock Tool

This tool can be used to unlock AEG phones currently locked with any mobile network.
To unlock your mobile phone using the AEG Unlock Tool, you need to provide us with the following information:

  1. Mobile phone model
  2. IMEI Number

The AEG Unlock Tool works for the following mobile phones regardless of the network they are currently locked with:

  • AEG 9050
  • AEG 9070 DFTX
  • AEG 9080
  • AEG 9082
  • AEG A820
  • AEG D800
  • AEG J520
  • AEG J530
  • AEG S200

If you are not able to find your AEG phone's model on this list, its because we are not able to get an unlock code for your model using the AEG Unlock Tool. We recommend you try Unlocking4U.com, they may have some unlocking service that would unlock your phone.

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